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Depends. If the semi-nude pic is them at the beach, I probably wouldn't care too much. But then again, it seems like they really really want attention, by posting up those photos. They might have some self-esteem issues. That's what I'd personally be most worried about.

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I agree with Annie, if they are pictures of them in a bikini on the beach in Cuba with friends....well, I would think not too much of it. It's hot out, it's a bikini, they look good, and are having fun!


If they make their living modelling lingerie, and they are doing it on their "professional site" again, that is another thing which to me would be acceptable.


However, if they are those pictures I usually see, like on myspace, which are often amateur self-shots of themselves in all states of undress, where their profile picture is a picture of their cleavage for example...I would seriously question the motives....in my mind it shows someone with low self esteem, or whom is only concerned with attention.


Often the first to call people whom suggest that as "haters", and they are just proud of their bodies...however in my experience those whom are proud of their bodies know they don't need to put naked pictures on the internet of it. Especially when they have significant others whom really don't like it....and they seem pretty disrespectful of that.


If they were up before I met them, I would not be as concerned, if they were not doing it now. Sometimes people have pasts that are not fantastic, but they learn from it. If they were soliciting male/female attention and disrespecting my feelings about it while with me though...well, that would be another thing. It would be the disrespect, and issues of WHY they were doing it that would concern me I think.

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i would be pretty upset at first - probabbly shocked then jealous then worried. - i would definetly ask them after i have calmed down - admit i browsed the net and found this - tell them it makes me feel sad because their body is too special to be openly shared and it makes me worry for their physicasl safely because of all the sickos out there.

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how about if thy are full nude pictures..showing everything..how would you react?


depends on why they are doing this.... I'm dating a guy who used to be a male model for art classes. You know - where they pay someone $15 an hour to do nothing naked in front of a bunch of art students. I'm fine with that.


But, if he were to post some of those pictures online.... I would wonder if he has some self-esteem issues, or is doing it to attract other girls.


I'd have to rethink the relationship.

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