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Hey all,

First off, I play varsity soccer for my high school, and I've been experienceing knee problems ever since I was in probably 7th grade or so. I took lots and lots of advil to ease the pain during the soccer season. I haven't taken the time to go see a doctor yet because I don't want to have to miss a soccer season, as I play year-round. But when I'm running, whether it be on the soccer field, tredmill, or the road, my knees will hurt right below the knee cap. Once I stop however the top of my knee cap feels like it is about to explode every time I bend it. These pains can be controlled by taking advil before I play (between 4-8 advil depending on how bad my knees are hurting before I start playing). Are there any doctors here, or anyone who has experience similar problems? I would just like to know of some way to ease the pain until I have a break in soccer seasons and can schedule an appt. with the doctor.


Thanks all,


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i have had the problem your having, i played varsity football in highschool and will continue to do so in college, my knees are always hurting, the tendons and muscles are tight though because im 6'7.


I usually put a sports cream called bio-freeze on them and it works out, the sensation is that of a pressure under my kneecap...almost like it wants to pop, but it never does. To make it through an entire football season and nearly postseason without any tears tells me its just hurting from being used though, perhaps yours is the same way?


I suggest icing and creaming it after every game/practice, it's annoying, but that stuff works, i wish i had done it for my shoulder (i was also a left handed pitcher my freshman and sophomore year...threw 87 before i blew my arm...i never iced) just take the 20 minutes and make sure its on there, you wont regret it.

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Hey, a fellow South Carolinian, cool!


I've been in rehab for the past three months for repeated knee sprains. My symptoms were the same as y'alls. As a varsity athlete, you're probably in much better shape than I was, but your age concerns me.... You've had that since 7th grade, so its been about 4 years.


My advice is not to worry about sitting a season and see an orthopedist if it's really bothering you. Its not worth damaging your knees if you're not relying on a soccer scholarship. I think some therapy would do you good, even if you just do it on your own. Stretching your hamstrings and isolated exercises on your calves and stabilizing muscles should help. (It's different from just working your quads on the machine). Good luck.

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