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what to get what to get


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Alright, well im 17 years old and currently enemployed but lookin for a job i have money to spend though cause im cheap lol and im a good saver I had to quit because of sports but im lookin for a new job.

well anyways im kinda stuck on what to get my gf its our 1 year anniversery on the 29th and valentines dyas commin up of course well.....in over a month. I bought her jewlery for her bday which was a nice braclet so id rather not buy jewlery although i think shes hitting she wants a ring but that just pisses me off so shes not getting it. I think thats really rude and thats not really like her. I was thinking for our One Year i was gonna take her out to eat somewhere nice then i dont know what to buy her. For Valentines day i was gonna get a Boyds bear and Roses is this good or not? And tips or ideas for our one year and valentines would be appreciated.

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Get her a gift certificate for a spa kinda thing. I just went to one and i was lookin at their packages and I thought, that would be a cool gift, they had different packages but some came with pedicure, manicure, hair color and cut, massage, that kinda thing. That would make me feel pretty special if a guy got me that, rather than flowers that are gonna die in a week anyways.

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I wasnt mad at her for hinting i didnt even say anything to her about it. I live in PA so the weathers not to great and no beaches. Decorating her room sounds like a good idea but id feel odd goin to her house with her not there. I would like to make it more special and creative im just not good with gifts. Thanks for the replys anyone else?

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