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advice,help anyone,thank you


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there has always been trust issues in my relationship,mainly due to the fact that my husband has 'cybersex' and e-mails other women,his response is to deny even though i have caught him out on numerous occasion's.

he say's i have trust issues and completey ignors the facts of what he his doing.

i found out last night that he had visited an adult chat room and received e-mail's from other women,i confronted him and was met with anger and denial,his 'answer' was that he had done it to catch me out!


That is all he will focus on is my lack of trust,and nothing i can say or do will get him to admit,explain the reasons for him doing this.


He says our love life is fine etc,so i really don't know what to do,or where to turn,it is driving me crazy

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I agree with Hope...what are you going to do about it?


and nothing i can say or do will get him to admit


You'll probably never get him to admit anything...but you already know what he is doing anyway.


I sympathise with your situation. Your husband is cheating on you, now you have to make some decisions on what to do about it.

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His behavior is classic cheater behavior. Distracting you from his, wrong, behavior by blaming everything on you. This thick headed jerk needs a wakeup call. You might need to leave, even if only temporarily, for him to understand what he's loosing. Better still, tell him to leave.

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Hello. i hate to hear of what you are going through. i had a similar ordeal with my now EX BF. He had cybersex with women, emailed them to set up meetings, viewed porn sites, and adult singles dating sites. Read a bit of my post and you will get more of an idea what it all entailed. Its difficult no doubt to come to a conclusion on what to do about it all. The lies , coverups, deceiving, and cheating are devastating. I hope you get this resolved soon one way or the other. I went through too much time hoping that he would stop his nasty ways, but it just didnt happen. I hope the best for you and if you want to ask anything please feel free. Every one helped me tremendously here and i hope i can be of help to others. Below is the link to my original post.



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The problem for me is not just that he does this to me,but his complete denial of it even when caught out,i just want him to admit and teel me why????????


Hey Girl,


It would be nice if you could get some answers, but I think in reality you already know that he's not willing to acknowledge his actions or to explain them.


So that leaves you with some decisions to make.


Do you accept and tolorate his behaviour, or do you let him know it's not acceptable by leaving him?

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Hi sweetie,


Honestly, if he has not admitted it thus far, I don't think it will ever happen. Some cheaters whom get caught will immediately fess up, plead, or leave, others can be dragged through hot coals and have the evidence shown to them in a courtroom and they will still deny and defend.


It does not matter whether he fesses up or not, because you have the evidence. Someone does necessarily have to admit guilt to be proven guilty.


The answer as to why is that he does not respect you and is betraying his commitment to you.


So the real question that remains is...what are YOU going to do? Don't settle for an unhappy life sweetie...if he can't admit it, and denies it, and blames you, it's unlikely it will even change. He will do this over and over. You deserve better.

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