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I would like to brag

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about my boyfriend he is actually taking more of an effort.


I told him I wanted to eat at this certain resturant, which is acutally one of my favorites, but I havent been there in a long time.


He said since I was craving, we would go there tonight




sorry not sure if I should put this here or not! Please let me know if this is the correct spot


We have had our problems, and we are taking it one day at a time. The old Win probably wouldnt have suggested this on his own! lol


SO brownie points for Win!

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yay for you!!! just dont fall too much the second he does something good. Show him you appreciate it, but that it cant just be once, it has to continue. Or else he'll just make an effort only when things get low and thats not good.


but enjoy the moment and I hope it continues!!!!! hooray!

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