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Kinda Embarrassing Isn't it? Opinions people

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Well have u people ever gotten emotional over something real stupid, ex: one of ur folks **** at u or other stupid things. And to add up more, wut about if ur known as a real strong person in the house but that one day u starting cracking up for nothing, something small and stupid. Well that's how I reacted yesterday, stupid meaningless argument with mom, then minutes later, like 8-10 I say, I get like that, next thing I know is I had to go right to room quickily, I can imagine if she saw that look on my face, then she would prollie be making a kinda fuss and be surprise that me being the strong person, went cracking up. Another reason this embarrassing cuz of age too, Im gonna turn 19 and damn, can't believe I crack up like a lil kid. Dunno wut happened to me that yesterday, this sin't really me. Suggestions people. Hope today mom doesn't notice.

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