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Well, I got me first email from the ex since NC...

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You do right not to respond. She doesn't show you anything in the email. She's just checking to see if you're still interested so she can keep you as backup.


oh how true this is.. i know because i have done that in the past. its wrong, i know. she may not be happy with her presant situation, and it may give her comfort knowing that there is someone out there.

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Yeah, that is kind of what I expected. I think she is just realizing that I was serious when I told her I was moving on. As you all said, she is probably just checking on me.


so you dont want her back, correct?


I'm not going to lie, I would like her back. But if she wants to "see what's out there" I'm not going to be around. She can't have the best of both worlds with me.


Thanks for all of your responses!

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