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Basically this guy and I are really into each other.


He asked me out, of course i said yes, and we've been out twice.


It's just, I don't know how to 'act' like a girlfriend. Like how to talk sweet to him or talk to him like my boyfriend...you know? Because I don't want to talk to him like I would any other friend.


He's a year older, and has had a few girlfriends, he's made up this nickname for me and he calls me "baby" and everything, I want to be that way too, but I don't know how. Help!

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Don't put any pressure on yourself... just be yourself.


You could call him "dear" sometimes, I think it's nice

I think talking to him like a friend is fine... you will be enjoying each other and that's all that matters.

Don't act a certain way, just be yourself... do whatever feels right. There is no pressure, just relax and enjoy it.

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I couldn't have said it better than Registered did. Being yourself (i.e. being sincere) is way more important than 'acting like a girlfriend'. You've only been out twice. Over time a nickname might evolve out of an experience that you have together -- there's no need to rush it. What animal does he most identify with? My friend Jaclyn calls me "Raccoon", which I like.

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Dont stress ur self for something like this.It's really unimportant to use words like "baby" and "honey" if u dont want to.


If u can,u should be as sweet as u want to be to him.If u like something he says or when he compliments u,Let him no that u appreciate it!.


A nickname is not at all important.U could text him,e-mail him to let him no ur thinking of him.But dont ever make it look like ur needy or clingy.That's something u shoudlnt forget!


Being a girlfriend is just like being a really close friend.With a few alterations.


Hope this hellped!

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