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could use some advice...

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hello... i have a bf and we have dated off and on for a year and a half. i hurt him by kissing another guy about 6 months into it, and it has been off and on since then. We have always been in love, and no matter what we do we always seem to drift back towards each other. we decided to give it another chance, in a serious way. things are going wonderful... but i feel a bit sad about somthing. at the beginning, he said that he didn't want to say "i love you" because everytime he does somthing bad happens.We always used to be very open about it, but things have changed and i understand that. but this is a bit hard for me to handle because he is just not an affectionate person, and sometimes i just need the reasurance. i feel like if you love someone you should tell them! and i can't tell him because he said that he wouldn't say it back and i don't want to put him in an uncomfortable situation. ive brought it up about 3 times and everytime he just says that i should just leave some things alone and see how they turn out. so im leaving them alone... but you know when you get that wonderful feeling and you just want to squeeze them and say "i love you"? i sit there feeling like im going to burst. gah. please any advice?



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I would think that it is better to still say "i love you" to him... maybe just casually and done carefully as to not put him on the spot - by not giving him the oppotunity to respond.

If he becomes comfortable with the fact that you say it he might come around.


I am not prepared to think that this is necessarily bad or a sign that it won't ever happen. So personally I think that you just have to give it some time.


The "i love you"s will come, and when they do it will be so great. Try not to think about it and just concentrate on what you do have. Saying "i love you" is a big thing (for some) and so it does take time.


All the best.

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