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What remains


I don’t know why life has us in this circumstance.

Buf after 8 years I could not give it another chance

I don’t regret spending the years I had with you

They were all wonderful even with a bumps that were a few

Do you feel it like I feel it

Do you miss me

Do you wish you could hear my voice, see me, touch me

I go crazy without you and I don’t know how long this withdrawal will end

Where did we go wrong boo

When did you decide I was not the one for you

The thought of what happened and ‘what if’s’ kills me

What was wrong with us

What was wrong with what we had and why was it not enough

How could you say I never loved you

Babe- it was eight years of my life I gave to you

Does that mean anything

Will you miss me when I am gone

I keep asking myself how

Is there or was there another woman

I love you so much boo even if you never believed it

Why couldn’t you see it

Will you ever see what I was to you

I know I’ve done many hurtful things but so have you


Baby boo I love you so much

I only wish God would had waved his magic wand and mandated us

To be together

Why would we not be happy

We were best friends, nothing could stop us

Now we’re both so burned

And babe all we have now is ashes


Will you ever find it in your heart to try and make it work again

But then would it have worked

Would you make me wait another 8 years and be a jerk

How can I move on

How do you sweep away these memories and promises

How many times I’ve cried

When all I wanted to be was your bride


So now I am just wasting away

Because I am not strong like you

When you said to me “We cannot be together”

You might as well have said ‘**** you’

I’m pining over you

I’ve closed my eyes and tied my hands and feet

Because I know seeing/hearing you will only cause more pain and grief

I’m drowning in sorrow and anguish

Can you feel my pain boo

Where are you now and do you think of me

I wanted more than just a friend but that’s all you said we could be

I could not do it any longer


Why do I punish myself with these thoughts

How could you mistake my love for something else

How could you think I was settling for less

Why did you have to say you were my ticket for a Green card

You have left us both so bruised and charred

You see the poet has come out of me

I can’t help but express my thoughts for thee…for us

I have to move on with my life as I’ve realized I can never be your wife

If nothing more it’s so that I can heal and hope this pain will forever be sealed

So now its time I set you free like a dove

And proudly say that in my life I’ve been loved and was in love


I will never forget about us boo and I hope to God

That even with the passing of time neither will you

I can do nothing more than wish you the best

There is nothing more to us than just memories put to rest

I hope one day our lives will cross somehow

And that you’ll be happy and blessed

I wish to see you smile and know life treated you well

Until then my love….farewell




I couldn't send this to my ex so I'll post it here...I'm so sad

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"I'm drowning in sorrow and anguish"

Me too! You write out loud how I have been feeling. ((hug)) ((hug))


But why, why our ex-lovers have to put us in this circumstance? If they ever love us, how can they abandon it all and turn their back to us like this ?


I wonder when we are here searching for answer, looking for hope to get back, writing about our lost love, are they just at ease moving on and looking for somebody new?

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