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I'm All Alone- No Parents or Adults that care.

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Hey, Everytime I do something I get in trouble for it. It's like everything I do isn't good enough for my parents. Why is that? They barely talk tome and don't ever listen. My mom has NEVER EVER EVER kept a single promise too me.When I get mad about it she yells and says it was my fault! I needsome help here. I don't want to e on of those people who never talk to their parents, but then agin my parents NEVERtalk to me. I dnno. I could use some help. And I don't know any adults I can turn too for help.My friends parents are allways busy, and my parents friends are too busy getting drunk with them or somthing like that! HELP!

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I felt exactly the same as you do! It didn't matter what I did, I never seemed to get any attention.


The only way I could deal with the situation was to be with my Grandparents as much as possible and also by learning to put an invisible wall around myself so that the hurtful comments etc, couldn't get through.


Have you got any relatives that you are very close too? If you do then spend more time with them.

Good luck and take care.

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Which promises have they broken? Could they perhaps have had a valid reason to change their mind? It's hard for parents to be perfect, just like it's hard for kids to be perfect. But I'm just trying to get more of an idea of what you're really upset about right now. I have a sense that something in particular happened recently to bother you. Maybe we could help you put things in perspective if we have a good understanding of recent developments.

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That's sad. I can understand why you are feeling hurt, and no, it's not right for parents to break more promises than they actually keep. Do you have other family members that take an interest in what you do? Do they let you stay over, and whatnot?


You might even think about joining a church youth group. When I was about 13, I had some family problems, and the church I belonged to had a wonderful group for teenagers. We did all kinds of activities - from camping and canoeing to seeing plays. It really became a wonderful family for me, and I'll never, ever forget how much of a blessing it was in my life.


Is this something possible for you? Do you have neighbors that go to church? It seems to me you need some stable, consistent adult figures in your life. And this really might be a good option.

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They probably do love you, it sounds like they are mixed up in their own lives right now and are not giving you enough attention. You sound like a pretty bright person, you will be okay. Don't worry, when you are older, you can keep all the promises you make to yourself, to yourself!


You will be fine, just keep telling yourself that. One day you will be old enough to move out of home and start your own life, and then you won't have to look back!


Just keep working hard at school and weather it for now. It will not last for ever. And try to see the school counsellor.

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