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"All the effort you have been putting into a relationship may have been in vain."




my friend wants to know what that means..it was for her horoscope today !


It means she needs to take horoscopes less seriously...do you think that all 900 million million people with same horoscope would have same circumstances?


But what it means is that her work into a relationship may not be worth it in the end basically.

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It's too vague for my liking. I'm a leo and although I can see some similar attributes between myself and the standard leo, I think it's a generalizationg and very vague. Alot of people can be something and yet it is perceived differently by each.


Horoscopes are written in a vague way so that they can practically apply to any situation in your life. Read a horoscope for a different sign and you'll see it could have some "impact" on yours.

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wow that's so hilarious!




"All the efforts may or may have not been in vain. "


"It might rain tomorrow.. or then not. "


"You're doing well in love today, unless you're left handed or vice versa, now may be the time to work hard or maybe to relax. "



"You meet a tall dark stranger and you......."







yeah those predictions... they just means nothing. lol.

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