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I dunno what is wrong...


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Ok, I feel so mixed up... Like one minute I feel I'm missing out on so many things, and the next I feel like I'm ok. I dunno what's going on. The semester is almost over, and I can't say I am very happy with what I've done with my social life. Lately I've been trying to improve, but heck, it's still hard... You know, I think I'm just gonna go crazy and talk to anyone and not care what they think, you know? It's what I feel like doing sometimes... Cause I've been so withdrawn... I mean, I think I've missed some chances with girls, and well, I dunno if it'd help, but talking to them, would indeed make me feel better, just to let them know I'm not a loser/jerk... I mean, I look back at how I felt all hostile, without a good reason. It just makes me see things in a whole new perspective... How dumb it is to hate everything, how corny ppl sound when they say they're satanists... Anyway, is it too late to change? I just feel like a much nicer and more fun person now... I don't feel like such a loser anymore... Maybe I should try and see how things go...

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