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I thank Enotalone 4 all my succes

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So about 6 months ago i was a losser, then i found you people. Now i dont remember if you remember me, but i had a bunch of questionjs about oral sex and a bunch of other stuff. Now 6 month later i am such a tiger!! Now my g/f and i have ingaged in sexual activities and our relationship has been strong, even in public places i get it on. Now I would like to thank you and all your advice, i am a man now hehe.


Now that i got what i needed, i want to know now if you ladies care about hair down their?


How big is the right size?


Guys, how can i shave that area without having stitches?


Ok man i will always be here and will recommewnd more people to it.


Just to let you know my g/f thinks i am the most amazing kisser, and have a nice package, and OMG i love you guys!!!!!! wow!!


Viva La Resistance

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It sounds like you're both having a lot of fun!


We don't like getting hair stuck between our teeth, it's a right turn off! I would say most women would prefer that you had it trimmed short but not stubbly or it scratches.


If you do decide to shave then take it from me it itches when it starts to grow back! It won't look very good if you start scratching yourself in public.

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Truth, not only do I remember you, but I look forward to your posts. I think you are a cool guy.


"Now that i got what i needed, i want to know now if you ladies care about hair down their?"


Depends on the girl. Some may not like a lot of hair down there, especially if they are doing oral on you. Other won't mind.


"How big is the right size?"


Whatever size you have. There is no right size, a girl will like it (unless she is being shallow in which case she's not someone you want). It's all in how you use it, and seems like you are doing fine.

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