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confusions over who i like. help abit?


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okays so heres the thing. there are three main people which i think im beginning to fall for, the first being someone who lives about two minutes walk from my house, the second being someone who lives about 20 mins away by car [i cant drive yet by the way] so about 35 mins to get to that one.

the third being someone who lives just abit closer than person two.


no1 = near me

no2 = 15 mins in car

no3 = other side of town


no1 is a year older than me, no2 is the same age and no3 is a year younger.

no3 is the best looking, duno which way round to put no1 and no2.

no2 is best to chat to, then no1, then no3.

[just generalising things here]


im not fully sure who to like to be honest, there all really nice people who i think im beginning to get crushes on.

im thinking no1 because of the closeness and i could see her alot of the time even though she's not in college anymore and i am.

yet i think when i am with them id have a better time with no2, yet id only be able to see her once every two weeks because of distance, work, college and time etc.

no3 i think id be able to see about the same, once every two weeks.


can anyone give me any suggestions to help here??


if you want to know anything just ask me.


thankyou in advance

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Why don't you ask them all out as friends on separate occasions and work it out from there?


You only get to know the true person by spending a lot of time with them.


Take your time to get to know them before you initiate an intimate relationship.


Good luck

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i dont know.

no1 who lives near me is making it just abit obvious that she likes me, and so is no2.

and i already know no3 likes me.


help? im confused.


haha this is odd, im good at giving relationship advice, but im terrible at giving myself the advice.

oh well. help?

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