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Well the key with conversation is to find some common ground. You dont want to completely dominate the conversation instead the conversation should lead to something that you both can discuss. Its hard to give specific topics, I would start with things that you have an interest in or it can be just everyday conversation.

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This holds true to conversating with anyone: Talk about THEIR interests, what they like/dislike, their favorite things, their hobbies, their favorite sports team, their favorite movies, etc. You get the idea. EVERYONE likes talking about themselves and their own lives.


Conduct this in a semi-interview style. Ask questions, comment about what they said then fire the next question. Say what you have in common with her when she mentions something, then ask the next question. Build questions upon questions. Ex. She says, "I like going camping in the summer." You say, "Did you go last summer, where did you go. I went camping at blah blah before. What do you like to do while camping? Do you like hiking? Riding bikes? Etc. You get the idea. You can talk for days, just build questions on questions and transition to other parts of her life. Practice this with everyone you meet and it will soon become second nature. Good luck.

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