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So, after 2 months of NC.. here I am wondering what is going on yet again. For those who don't know, this guy and I were friends for a year dated 3-4 months, and he broke up with me. Then, he stopped talking to me for four months. We became friends again. Everything seemed fine for a couple of months. Then one day out of the blue when I call (after he blew a kiss at me and after hanging out with me earlier that week) he screams at me and says, "Stop calling me b****". So, I do stop calling. I have seen him a few times since then, but look the other way and pretend he's not there because if he doesn't want me calling, then he definitely doesn't want to hold a conversation with me anywhere else. So, the other day I am waiting for a cab outside of the grocery store. I catch the sight of him out of the corner of my eye. I follow my first instinct to look straight down at my shoes. When I look up he's looking straight at me. He says, "Hey, what's up." In complete emotional shock... I just stand there while pieces of my heart shatter on the ground and all I can come up with is a half-hearted smile and a little wave and an almost whispered "hey". I am so confused. He screams at me for no reason and calls me a name, after I have been nothing but understanding, forgiving him for ripping me to shreds, leading me on, and believing him when he said that we were friends again. Now, two months later he is saying hello again. I mean he's pulled things mildly like this before (minus the name calling... just disappearing basically), but I don't get it. I want to ask him why.... I want to shake him and say, "What are you doing!? Make up your mind! Hate me, love me, be my friend, but stop picking me up and throwing me down over and over... I am not a toy!" Anyway... just needed to rant.

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Hi there,


You are his toy because you let him. You let him do this because you put up with it and let him back in your life when ever it suits him. Believe me, I have had one of those revolving door relationships because whenever he threw out any kind of bait...I came biting. One day I had enough...I put my foot down and told him to stay out of my life once and for all. Don't come biting at any bait he throws you...move on...you deserve better.

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Yup, dingdong called me 5 months (after I told him NEVER to call me again) after asking to borrow a few things for school and we ended up going out for a few beers because I felt I was over him and it was ok. As we were walking to our cars...I told him flat out that "nothing is going to become of tonight or ever...thank you for the beers." Never heard from him again. Good riddance.

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