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Shy Woman


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So I need some advice. I am shy and the woman I am interested in is also shy. How should I go about asking her out? Just plain ask her out or will that make her too nervous?


BTW: She seems to get nervous around me. She usually acts like she has no emotion and has this face were it seems like she is completely neutral. Now the other day I was in her workplace and I was going to pay her but she was adding up some reciepts she asked me to wait 2 minutes. I said ok no problem then she just gets up giggling and laughing for no reason it just seemed like it was a very nervous laugh. Then I am she is putting counting my change and she says thank you before I was even done getting my change etc. BUt when I was actually done she was saying have a nice day bye bye very friendly/ Also I noticed the other day she was getting nervous when I was paying her and she was screwing up what she was typing in to the register??????????

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She does sound shy. Sometimes when I meet shy people I can't tell if theri shy or if their stuck up. Because they tend to be quiet and make those neutral faces you mentioned.

She does flirt with you at all? How old is she?I think you will relieve her by asking her out. She'll probably be happy and be shy about it, but go for it.

Maybe she has social phobia as well.

Maybe you should do something fun on your first date. Maybe get 1 drink and she'll relax a little.

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Just ask her out. Tell her why you want to - for example, "I think you're really interesting, I'd like to get to know you better".

Suggest something that will make her comfortable and relaxed, something with no pressure and not implied expectations.


All she has to say is one word in response... shy or not she can manage that!

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