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was she showing interest?

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I'm just curious as to everyone's opinion here. This happened the other night as I was picking some ice cream up to take home from the local ice cream joint.


Anyways, I walk in and the only people in there a bunch of high school aged girls. You know how it is: a girl or two behind the counter and her friends who had come to visit just chatting away. I'm standing at the counter for a bit and one of the girls, who obviously didn't work there, came over and asked me if I needed any help and I told her that I just had a question about the ice cream containers. She walked away as a girl behind the counter came over to help me. As she was helping me out, I overheard the other girl talking to her friends, not really giggling but you know... about how she had asked me if I needed any help.


I was told by someone I related the story to that that meant she thought I was cute. I guess that's a nice boost for my confidence. I'm just wondering what people think. that's all the details I remember since I wasn't paying her much heed anyways.

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It's interesting because I didn't even think twice about it until later that evening. The strange thing is, she did look familiar but since she didn't greet me by name, I figured it was just a resemblance.

It's always nice getting little confidence boosters like this and all I have to is not be so oblivious all the time, which as some of my closest friends point out, is one of my chief traits.

Besides, she was a high school aged girl and I'm halfway through university already.


Thanks for the feedback guys!

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Well, I think that she might have liked just what she had seen of you but in reality she came up to you to decide upon the qualities that weren't at first obvious whether she liked you or not. (assuming she new nothing of you)


Situations like this are opportunities, they won't always get you what you want... depends what you do with them.

I've often gone up to girls I liked, and realised 'hey, they aren't who I thought they would be...' so I don't take confidence from the approach of girls, only in what happens next! (I value a person's impression of more than what is immediately obvious more than any superficial impression they have of me).


So take these opportunities! (Personally I'd only take confidence from the follow through)

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