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taking dance lessons and might run into my EX more often

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thanks for reading, so here's the story. I was dating a girl about 2.5 years ago and we dated for about 6 months before ending it..It was very very bitter when it ended and I had a hard time moving on for the next year and half or so, because during those 6 months I'd developed feelings for her. Even though I dated 3 girls after that, i still had feelings and its only been recently (read last 4-5 months) that I've finally managed to push my ex out of my mind.


Now, this semester I plan to take dance lessons, I started taking dance lessons with my ex about 2.5 years ago but quit after our breakup just because dancing was a passion for her and I didnt want to take that away from her. But now I want to learn again but this means that I might end up running into her more often and she will do her bit to make my stay there uncomfy plus I am worried that the feelings that I managed to stifle after a long and hard battle might resurface. I dont know for sure how strong I am, and this is the only place in the city where I can learn dancing.


Any suggestions/comments about how to go about this? thanks!

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You will never know how you are going to react to seeing her unless you go.


If dancing is that important to you attend the classes, don't let her being there put you off!


You never know you might find yourself a new girlfriend there?


Enjoy yourself and have fun.


Good luck

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thanks for all your replies, this is amazingly tuff for me, even though I've been in love with one other girl before my ex in question, it sure took me a long time to deal with it and move on..no matter who I dated, by the 2nd or the 3rd date she'd make her way into the conversation..had a hard time cutting that off. But yes, you all are right, I guess this is a fear that has to be overcome. What makes it difficult is that dancing was what brought us together in the first place(she taught me how to) and the thought of being there and not dancing with her brings back old memories, am sure it'd be difficult for her too because she'd feelings for me as well and I'll not be surprised if she stops coming once she sees me there(good for me!)..wow! we humans sure know how to make life complicated!LOL! but I guess its part of what we are! thanks again!

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