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Body language question

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I realize that there are a lot of posts about body language, and signs of attraction, but I haven't seen an answer to the situation I'm in right now.


A beautiful girl I've known for years now, but never really talked with much until this past year, has been acting like she's interested in me -- I think (and I really like her). She sometimes will walk up to me, then pause and kind of look down until I turn around and say hi. She smiles widely when we talk, laughs, and seems a little nervous.


My confusion comes from this: frequently, when we're in the same room, I'll catch her staring at me from accross the room. But she doesn't smile or anything...so I get uncomfortable and look away. She is a quiet, reserved girl, but I'm not sure if that might be part of the reason or not.


Also, I really haven't initiated with her much. Usually it's her that initiates eye contact or conversation. What is the best way for me to show her that I'm interested (I don't think she knows)? So far I've been casual and cool around her, and I doubt she knows I'm interested in her.

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Well I won't rely too much on body language if I were interested in the girl already. Us guys have the tendency to over-react to the body language of girls we are interested in. So even a simple smile can be interpreted as "hey she likes me!".


I doubt she knows I'm interested in her.


My advice will be to work on this part. If you haven't made your interest known to her, do something about it! Start flirting with her now. If she reciprocates, then surely that is a sign of interest - a much better indication of her interest in you than weeks of passive reading of body language can ever tell you.


Good luck!

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Thanks, you guys. I guess I just needed to have some people tell me what I knew I should do anyway. I'll come up to her the next time I see her, and try to flirt.


But there's another problem. I don't think I should ask her out just yet, since we don't know each other that well. But I do want to flirt. Will she think I'm a coward or something to not ask her out soon? I read somewhere in the Attraction and Flirting forum that a guy should ask a girl out within three encounters of first meeting her, or the girl assumes the guy isn't interested.

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