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im being abused by someone i know from school,on my blogspot. i wnt to just ignore them or shut down my blog but then it would seem as though he had won. what he says really hurts and im cutting more and not sleeping nemore. what should i do?


Fill a squirt gun full of gasoline, get some matches, bring them to school. Problem solved.


Seriously though.


There are several steps you can take to prohibit this person from contining to harass you.


Blogspot probably has a policy against online harassment, and so does his ISP. First make records of his abuses, and submit them both to blogspot, and his ISP (hopefully you can log IP addresses).


Next if it continues, you can notify the school, and your local authorities.


I'm not sure how the law works accross the pond, but online harassment is taken seriously in the US.


Finally if that doesn't work, buy me a plane ticket to the UK, and I'll break his jaw.


Good luck.

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As mentioned by LostInMyThoughts that you should probably get in touch with the Blog Service that you are currently signed up with about their Policy on this sort of issue. Other than that your only solution which was provided by RayKay is moving or creating a new blog under a different name.


It's something that you shouldn't put up with, is this person who you suspect from your school bullying at school? or is it all done through your Blog?

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DO NOT SAY ANYTHING BACK. Let them say whatever they want. If you say nothing back, you no longer fuel the fire. Trust me. Say NOTHING. And don't post entries about them because I've seen it happen in people's where they face it, and it's antagonizing the situation.


Just let them. Anything you do will make it worse, unless they can be caught for sure, and that's without them knowing of the whole process. So notify the blog service, but don't say ANYTHING about doing it.


Just carry on and pretend you're not getting the messages. And don't give them anything to say anything to you about (ie, giving them too much information on your personal life)


Maybe even consider not posting as much if you do a real lot already. --edit-- Actually, posting noticeably less may show them they've gotten to you. I'd just continue on as if nothing is different, but just be careful of the content --end edit--

If you feel you really want to have a blog, then consider getting a different one no way linked to you. I actually have one for people I know, and for people who don't know me-- I am able to say what I want and be heard (NO extremes) and not worry about the people I know in person having to know about it as it's no way linked to me.

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what he says really hurts and im cutting more and not sleeping nemore.


YOU are getting to HIM probably more than he's getting to you! After all, he keeps posting to your blog!

Somebody actually feels threatened enough by you to keep going to your blog and trying to make you feel bad.


I remember when I ran into an old friend of mine-- this girl always had some problems. We were off again, on again friends.


Well, upon running into her after high school, we exchanged numbers. About two weeks afterwards, I started getting prank phone calls in the middle of the night, around 2AM which woke me up (my cellphone) I knew it was her-- a badly disguised voice... a 20 year old...


I got it on my voice mail eventually (as I NEVER answered my phone again from the blocked call. Key words: NEVER answered my phone again from the blocked call) and let my boyfriend listen to the voicemail.


He told me to have him answer it next time! Or call her with something similar! Mr. Maturity said this! And I told him "She's been calling me between 12 and 2AM... what am I doing at 12 or 2AM? I'm sleeping. Why? Because I go to college and have class in the morning. What is she doing? She's awake, and prank calling me. Why? Because her life is going nowhere-- she's got no place to be and nothing better to do. She doesn't need me to prank her back or have you answer. Her life is apparently bad enough already."


And eventually it stopped. I was all ready to change numbers, and I got paranoid of who knew about it... all of that. Just forget about it. Think about what I said in the other comment, too.


This guy has nothing better to do-- don't let it get to you, or let anyone else like that get to you, for that matter.

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This is harassment. Print out what they say and show it to your guidance conselour. They will help you from there and there's no shame in needing help.


Until this person really knows what they are doing to you, they're just not going to get it... and maybe they never will. So it's time to stop letting their remarks shape your mood... and laugh them off. There's nothing there but another human with just as many flaws. Dont forget that

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Everyone else has given good advice. Contact an administor on the site and report it. They should be able to put a stop to it. Notify a counselor at the school and let them know you are being harassed. This person is wrong for what he is doing and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.


Finchabald, I remember your name and I know that you have had lots of other issues to deal with in the past. I'm sorry that something like this has happened and I know you must be taking it personally and be struggling to deal with it. Try to see that this person doesn't know the real you and is being a jerk. He's saying things about you to run from his own issues. This isn't your fault and you shouldn't take what he says about you personally. Reporting this and not letting it get to you wouldn't be letting him win. It'll be a victory for you because you wouldn't have let him bring you down.


Stay strong.

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I'd suggest talking too your school counselor or confide in someone you can trust about this, if it's really bothering you and affecting you in certain ways then you shouldn't have too put up with this.


If you can't do anything about your blog then i'd suggest opening a new account and still report the problem to the Administration Staff of the Blog Site.

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