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Okay, this is going to be weird, in part because I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to being social (only 18) and in part because I'm really shy.


Through my GF I've met a chick who, yeah, I sorta like, but mainly I just see a person I want to get to know better and call a friend. We rarely meet even though we go to the same high school, and if I don't do anything within the next 5 months, I'm screwed forever as I'll never see the chick again... I don't want this chick to replace my GF, or cheat on my GF, or anything like that since the chick and my GF are friends and I'm loyal to my GF, I just want to start a friendship with this chick as I think she's cool and pretty nice. I had a chance to talk to her today, but I'm far too shy and socialy inept, and also afraid of being to abrubt and making her think I'm hiting on her, PLEASE give me some help!

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Well all you really have to do is go up to her and bring up some small talk about how your day is or what class she was just in. Since she is a friend of your GF, im sure your GF will understand and not feel hurt by talking to her. As you said you dont have those kind of intentions for her friend, which is good. Take it from me, its never good to go out with or hit on your GF's friends, ive done it once by accident and it put me in a boatload of trouble. But anyways just work up the courage to have a little conversation with her, its not as bad as you think it will be. Whats the worst that could happen? Go for it now and dont put if off.

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