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questions of why my wife feels as she does

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so am i right to think differently on my situation.. she is quick to say it is over but does admit that we need to fix our friend ship and that what ever happens happens and that if we can get our relationship back then that would be great. she is quick to make a decision on us and is depressed and dead inside and doesnt love her self..... her saying that she knows she doesnt love me thinks that she is not making a thought out decision.. so right now the space is going well.. we are just talking around 10 pm before we go to bed... we are not arguing... that is the reason for this .. to stop us from arguing.... so who knows.... does any of this make sense.. i know she has slept with some one else.. but in her eyes we ae not together and we are separated.. but she is doing what ever she can to , just make her self happy.... I dont know.. i think she just is lost.. and am still going to try and get her to get help.. or go with me for help my self as well as medication....

its weird being away from her feels good.. but i do worry about her and miss her..... its weird

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I do not believe in separation, since two people that truly love each other (though it is normal to not always be IN LOVE with each other) are not meant to be separated. If you separate, then you will both find out for sure whether you were meant for each other or not. You'll either feel more at peace, less stressed, more 'free', without each other, or you will find that there is a huge hole in your soul, whether the other person used to be. Aside from that, separation causes permanent damage to trust in a relationship. It creates that 'when is the next time we will separate?' feeling. Are you feeling me?

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You can't do NC when there is a child involved. You must communicate.


How are you dealing with knowing she slept with someone else? Personally I wouldn't accept that, I would have let her go, but this is not me.


She needs help. She is looking for love and acceptance outside herself which is wrong, it must come from inside. Right now I'm more worried for you because you are sitting by watching this train wreck. I know you love her, I hope you can at least get some counseling for you...to help you come to terms with whatever will happen next.


How are you doing?

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