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Gotta love it. Its always gotta be blamed on someone else...it couldn't possibly be... ever .. never ..ever.. in a million years that they had something to do with it??? ohhhh nooo.. their perfect.


I hear ya. I'm sorry for your kids. And birthdays coming up too. Well.. you know. Take the high road. Don't bad mouth your X to the kids. Don't say anything negative if you can avoid it. And if you can't come up with and explanation for her.. absense.. tell them they will have to ask her.


So you planning to try to keep the kids in a custody case??? good luck to you. Document document document. Dates, times, conversations. Keep a journal. It'll help you in a custody battle.


And love those kids. Love them.. give them extra love, attention and just be there for them. You'll blink your eyes.. and they'll be grown.


Hang in there. It'll get better.

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i know that the courts do usually favour the mother but they will see what a great father you are and your children will always remember that too. maybe you will get joint custody. i dont really know how that works but i cant see you losing them completely!!

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