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What I've learned

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Throughout my life, particularly these past few years, I have learned and realized that no matter what happens in your life, everything will be okay. Almost everything that brings you down or makes you feel like * * * * is temporary. Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings, but it will always manage to go uphill -- some for longer than others.

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Things have an odd way of working out for the best, if you just believe and don't give up hope. Yes, it can take forever and it can feel like you are literally walking through the fiery pits of hell and suffering unimaginable torment for no appearant reason. But someone things get better. The rain subsides and there is a rainbow waiting for you complete with pot of gold. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And in the darkness is the light.


Just have faith and believe things will get better. Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing.

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