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Don't Really Know What it Is..

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Here's my thing: I'm 19 years old and a little concerned. I have had this small problem of not having an erection when it comes down to having sex. I'm a virgin and so far this has happened with 3 different girls. I don't know what is going on with me and why I can't seem to have one at this situation. Any other time, ie. masturbating or random boners it's no problem. When it comes to the act, it's a problem. I try not to harbor on it, just thinking it's natural for a time or two, but now i'm concerned.

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Well, nothing physical is wrong, if you get hard when masturbating. Which means it is in your head, your thoughts, conscious or more likely subconscious. You probably have conflicting thoughts about sex. Try a self-hypnosis tape. Might help.

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Could you be putting to much pressure on yourself to perform? Feeling extra nervous and unsure of yourself can cause you problems like that. Try to relax and just enjoy the sensations.


Also, as a virgin the whole experience can be overwhelming and even frightening. It's not something to be alarmed about. Perhaps extend the foreplay and do other sexual things until you really feel comfortable and can just lose yourself in the experience.

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You just may not be ready, or you're nervous... maybe you should wait until you find someone who makes you comfortable enough to perform. If you are able to get an erection by self-stimulation, like Beec said, there isn't anything wrong with you. Just relax, and don't try so hard.

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