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survey for the ladies

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I'd have 2 pick C - reason being if a guy said to me A or D, I would know he was talking only about looks, and that is a turnoff - i would feel like he want me for something else other than a relationship. If a guy said to me D, I would feel like its more about personality and the way I act, but beautiful, is like, an all round beautiful person, and that makes me feel good.


Although, if its like a first date or a guy i just met, I wouldn't liek C - because that is like... too much, i would probably get scared off. If its a guy i just met i would prefer B

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B. you are cute


I would choose B- since there's an aspect of personality that goes into cuteness, so it's not just physical.


Why I wouldn't choose the others:


A. you are pretty- for some reason the word "pretty" lacks emotion. I use it to describe curtains and things like that- but not people. It almost sounds forced and insincere too- I don't know why.


C. you are beautiful- it's just so typical...


D. you are hot- it has a feel of immaturity to it. If "hot" was replaced with "sexy" it would be more appealing.


Just my opinion.....



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I would use the words "beautiful" or "pretty". These are not words that guys would say to just any girl - it shows you really mean it. And say something like, "I think you are quite pretty" or "really pretty" or "very beautiful".


"Hot" is too common and sounds like something any guy in a bar might say about any woman they want to pick up. "Cute" isn't so bad but is also a bit too common.



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