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Well yeah it's been a couple days since I've started dating this girl. I asked some friends for some advice, and she said that her boyfriend and her never talked on the phone for the first few days of her relationship. It's been 5 days already, do you think I should start calling her now? I think it's a good time to start, by now we've had some time to get used to the fact that we're dating, so yeah. Insight?



And also. It's early on in the relationship, so I haven't said "I love you yet". But I also want to let her know that I do see her as my girlfriend, because our conversations have not changed. I still talk to her as I talked to her before we started going out, which is a good thing. She likes me for who I am, so I'm not going to change....but I also want to treat her like she's my girlfriend too. Any tips on how to approach this?

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Well as far as I'm concerned, if you like this girl and want to be with her, give her a call! If you don't, she may worry that you don't like her, and wonder why you haven't. By saying she didn't talk to her other boyfriends until a few days into it, she may have been asking you to wait until then so you're safe if that was the case... or she may have been hinting that she wanted you to be different and call her. Either way, I would suggest calling her. As for making her know you care, just be kind and simple. Just tell her the truth about how you feel about her. Good Luck!

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