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Knowing it's not going anywhere

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I'm seeing a girl that is leaving for overseas in 5 weeks. She's going for over 3 years to study.


I know this when I met her 2 weeks ago, and we decided we were going to hang out, get to know each and see what happens during these 2 months.


Anyway, we've become extremely close and I've never met anyone like her before. She has all the qualities I want in a person (humility, modesty, honesty, drive) and has done things in her life I could only wish I could (she is 21 and is a licensed pilot and has volunteered in orphanages all over the world, mainly in south america). She is who I wish I was. She thinks I have something special that she hasn't seen in anyone before and believes I can make a difference also.


We spent 16 hrs together yesterday, and it wasn't enough. We went for a scenic drive along the coast, had a nap on the beach together, and it's so beautiful because we enjoy the same simple things.


I'm protecting myself quite well (not seeing her all the time) but she's made me open up about very deep things, and I didn't mind because she's so caring and geniune in her interest in me. I'm just worried i'm going to let go of my protection and fall in love with her..


We've already been sexual but haven't had intercourse...


What should I do from here?! Should I protect myself and not experience our short time together, or let go, and maybe let myself get hurt?

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that sounds like a movie. I am guessing she will go because that is how she is. She sounds amazing. I would just spend time with her and make the most out of it till she leaves. I would not wait around for her, but you both may have something special. If the time and distance does not get in the way, then you both are meant to be together. When she leaves, don't wait around, but keep in touch and love her.

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I agree with ocrob. Enjoy the time you have together and try not to worry too much about the future. When you have to deal with the long-distance aspect of things, cross that bridge when you come to it. Just play it by ear and have fun. No matter what, when you like someone, you risk getting hurt in some way, regardless of if they live right next door or far away. Just enjoy your time together and let things unfold naturally.

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Everything is still going magnificently... This is crazy... Why do I find that person i've always been looking for, but then not be able to have her?


Yesterday she told me she's travelled all around the world, and has never felt these feelings for someone else.


She said she knows already that she loves me, but thinks that I need to let go more.


It's something I just can't do yet... I'm trying to, but it's all going so fast and I don't know how to handle these feelings I have. Especially when she's going away in a months time. Mumma!!!!

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