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Hey guys, I've been going through a hardtime lately about my mother. I really miss her, and I haven't seen her for about 2 years. I spent my first 15 years growing up with her, but social services had me move.


For some reason, lately, everything reminds me of her. Songs on the radio, and stuff at the mall where you say, "O my mom would love that!" I don't know I think I'm homesick, and it's not like its an easy way to just visit her. She lives in New Mexico, while I live in Virginia. Can anyone explain to me how to cope with these feelings of emptyness in my heart? I would really appreciate it, thanks!

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I spent my first 15 years growing up with her, but social services had me move.


I'm not sure what occurred, but it sounds like it was quite complicated and probably quite hard for you to go through too.


All I can say is that what you are feeling is normal. It's "your mom" and no matter what happened in the past, of course you're going to miss her. My guess would be that she feels the same way. I would definitely give her a call or write a letter, or e-mail. Maybe exchange recent pictures and catch up on some things.... Keep in mind that in the future you WILL be able to see her again too. But for the time being, just let her know how you feel- I'm sure it will make you feel better.



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