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my first real boyfriend(which is now my ex) is perfect almost every way.we have broken up twice and each time I've told myself I'm not gonna EVER get back with him.But it seems my feelings towards him just can't let go.He's given me hints again,that he wants to get back,(after he dumped me) but I know he'll never make it too obvious and tell me straight.Every time I have to make the first step.I tried getting a new boyfriend now,but it seems I just don't feel the same attraction Everybody is against my ex,including my mind and my parents(they like the new bf and I'm only 16)..but my emotions just take control over me.What do I do? Should I give it another chance or continue with the new guy? And how can I make my ex admit himself he wants me back(I'm tired of being the leader in this)?

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Well, if you have a new boyfriend, then you have a new boyfriend.

You could ask him straight out if there's anything else there, and to tell you right NOW, or else any other time will be too late for him, and you have to mean it.

But if you're involved with someone new, it's really not fair to them... being with someone else means you're done with the past, and if not then it's a rebound relationship... I suppose that's not so great in itself, but it's up to you because true, if you ask him that seriously, then you'll have your answer NOW and not have to wonder any more.

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