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Love Kills No Contact day 10

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So today is day 10 of no contact. I went to a party last night...Not to find someone new...just to get out of this boring house. I dont' have many friends and one of them called and invited me out so for once in my life I went.


I learned 2 things.


1. I can have fun with out my ex




2. It was miserable....the last 3 years of my life my fun had revolved around being with my ex. And he wasnt' there...I missed him soo much.


We have mutual friends and it makes me sad because they tell me he doesn't even ask about me...yeah most guys don't like talking about it but don't you think if he cared for me as much as he said he did then he would at least ask if I was ok? Then again maybe not.

I thought he would at least call or text or something....It drives me nuts to not talk to him.

Sorry I had to vent...I miss and love him soo much.

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nikkers i think the only way you'll find out if he wants you back is for you to talk to him first but don't get to involved with him love hurts but if you go out and find people who you can talk to do it go out and do stuff you haven't done don't think about him as hard as it is and hopefully someday he'll open his eyes and realizes you are the only one who could ever love him you'll be fine

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Hey nikkers,


congrats on keeping up with the NC. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years and it is sheer agony, I really know the feeling. I think you have to look inside yourself and be confident....yes, you miss him and yes your life revolved around him but you broke up for a reason...whatever that reason was-remind yourself of that and realize that you are the S**T with or without him. I have to do this mental excercise myself because I'm going through the same thing.

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