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Well last night the ex girlfriend wanted to come over and hang out but I wasn't home and well she called me this morning asking where I was.. and well I feel bad because I wasnt here.. for some reason I felt like I wanted to see her last night but missed out on my chance..


I kno I shouldnt feel bad but I just do.. Im slowly moving on from the hurt she put me through.. but why do I feel bad about not being home when she wanted to come see me..when I kno that she's not worth it no more..


well I dont want her back.. but I do miss her..I been in No contact for a good 2 weeks now till today..


Has anyone ever felt this way before.. ??

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Don't be available to her then! She wants to keep tabs on you and make you miss her and kick yourself in the butt for not being home last night. Let's face it, if she can keep you at home waiting for her call, she knows you're not out with someone else. Go back to NC, this is for your own good. You don't keep Oreos in the fridge when you're on a diet!

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Yes you may not want her back, but you still probably have feelings for the relationship itself. Sometimes after enough time has passed it's therapudic to talk to an ex to just put everthing to rest... but I don't think you're to that point yet. If you don't want her back... that's good, just keep maintaining the NC and keep working towards healing. And yes, I have felt that way too because when you lose a girlfriend/boyfriend... the thing people often forget is that you're losing a very close friend too and that is hard in and of itself. So yeah, you are going to miss her.

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I'm finding it hard to be friends with my ex. We have fun together, but I go into a funk the next day after seeing her. It's not easy, but eventually it'll get better. We both need lots of space, and only meet at cafes or beaches. It seems to help keep things light and breezy.

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You are desensitizing your self to her! When I was a kid I was allergic to bees, so I went to the Doctors each week for a small does of bee venom that was increased each week until I was able to tolerate a full sting. It worked for a few years as I was tested but still today I carry a bee sting kit with me. The point here is, no matter how many little doses you get you never know when it's going to kill you!

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