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Abou taking dance lessons but might run into EX more often

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thanks for reading, so here's the story. I was dating a girl about 2.5 years ago and we dated for about 6 months before ending it..It was very very bitter when it ended and I had a hard time moving on for the next year and half or so, because during those 6 months I'd developed feelings for her. Even though I dated 3 girls after that, i still had feelings and its only been recently (read last 4-5 months) that I've finally managed to push my ex out of my mind.


Now, this semester I plan to take dance lessons, I started taking dance lessons with my ex about 2.5 years ago but quit after our breakup just because dancing was a passion for her and I didnt want to take that away from her. But now I want to learn again but this means that I might end up running into her more often and she will do her bit to make my stay there uncomfy plus I am worried that the feelings that I managed to stifle after a long and hard battle might resurface. I dont know for sure how strong I am, and this is the only place in the city where I can learn dancing.


Any suggestions/comments about how to go about this? thanks!

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thanks for the reply nikkers04, hmm. I know we both can be mature about it but she more than often is not coz she knows that I liked her immensly but instead of being considerate (i was the nicest I've ever been to anybody when I was with her) she kinda rubs it in my face not takin into account that I gave up dancing just so that she could do it, I wouldnt be talking to her thats for sure. But has anyone out there run into problems like this before?

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