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Where to work DURING college??

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I haven't a clue how I'm supposed to make money during the semester-- I've always worked in my retail job for years and years, and have had an internship-- over the summer.


Right now I've had it with the retail job (no hours!) and have had it in general...


Working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I am available, but could be hard-- I've done it in the past with college all week long. It's also time for homework, but also time for anything else. Plus I need flexible. Sometimes I have huge assignments that require 30 hours of work (I'm not getting into any more detail than that) and I would need to take time off during the weekend. I don't want to get fired from a place... or is that really not a big problem as they will know I'm in college? My current job with the no hours right now, they were flexible because I've been there so long.


I get out of school so late, though.... and the rest of the night is homework time. I am so broke, and NO internships or jobs came through over this vacation I've had (4-5 weeks off) ....I can't afford so much, but I have my parents to help me-- I don't want to have to ask for any more money. It's adding up and up. I think I owe around $800.00 to them. I don't think they'd make me pay all of it back, but I would have to a couple of hundred. I'm willing to pay it all back-- I'm not saying I wouldn't.


How does everyone handle it? The summer will SAVE me, but for right now, I'm in trouble for the next 3 or 4 months.

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I can't really tell you where to work. Honestly I think it all depends on the boss. I work 2 jobs and go to school full time...I have noooo free time. I Get up early do homework go to school get out of school go to work get off late come home stay up doing homework til around 3. And it occurs every day. I work around 45-50 hours both jobs. But both of my bosses are really good about me need a couple hours off or if I show up a little late or leave a little early as long as I warn them. I would say alot of bosses...are going to be conciderate for school...you just have to find them.

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Nobody really works, or else they go to school for something different and get out much earlier than me and with different homework... and then can work. I don't think I'm stuck, though. But I still have no idea how to make this work.

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do you live on campus or at home? if you live on campus how about getting a job at the library, the gym, the dining hall etc? when i was in college alot of my friends did that and they loved it. especially working at the library b/c they could do their homework and read most of the time, they just had to sit at the desk and help check out books. these jobs are great b/c you are working with other students so people are really flexible about switching hours because youre all in the same boat. also if you were to work on campus it would cut down on any travelling you'd have to do at another job

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My campus has a career center and they post jobs that are in the area & also jobs that are available on campus. Your best bet is finding a job on campus b/c they are usually the most flexible they work around your schedule. Usually everyone loves campus jobs b/c you will become more social & make tons of friends. best of luck.

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Thanks for all responses!


I live a bit far from my campus, but also don't have plans of living there. I've been thinking of work study, but it's under $7.00 an hour ($6.75)-- that would be my last resort, though. I try to do homework in the time I'd do work study to make more time for a job afterwards.. but work study will always be an option.


I've been trying for internships that have been posted in career services... the problem with them is their hours, and most are unpaid-- but new ones are there once in a while to choose from.


I will make it clear I'd need flexible hours at a job, but I just have no idea where to work. I suppose maybe my bigger problem is that the internships with hours that would work for me as well as being paid haven't gotten back to me, and time keeps going on and on... I don't know where to turn next-- doing whatever I can possibly get in to, or trying ONLY for internships, which would be more worth it in all ways other than money.


Maybe I just have to figure out which is more important... money or experience-- but the experience to me is so much more important because what I can get into now will help with what I can get in to over the summer where there's 4 months open to work in my field, and make so much more $$$ (by 5-7 dollars an hour more than my other choices-- right now. Depending, over the summer could be more with more of my experience)


It's like all my options have their own benefits. I'm just curious some of the choices others have made in the situation, too.

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