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Plays Out


I made it downtown last night

Listening to music in my headphones

Standing on the bridge, I seen the light

As I took in the sound and tones


I was having some extreme doubt

About my life, and why I am here

I've decided to see how it plays out.


It's the start of a new year

Time to put my fears on the shelf

Everything is starting to become more clear

Time to start caring about my self


I sometimes wish I could change my past

But standing there looking down made me see, we are all flakes of snow

All unique, falling into the water so fast

The more I think about, the more I come to know


Just like the snow becoming water after it has dissolved

In the end we all become the same

Now it seems that all my problems have been solved

I now am starting to love my self and think no shame


I am no longer going walk around with a pout

And think this life is so crappy

There is no time for insecurities and doubt

It's time to be happy

Time to see how this wonderful life plays out.



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