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Girl sending pics

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Why would a girl want to send a boy pics of herself.. pics of her when she was young and now.. Pics of her family.. without i ask her.. what does this suggest..


She does this with some friends, but not pics of her family.. and she dont send them that much.. Is it normal for a girl to send her parents pics to someone she likes as a friend ? i know she is friendly, but pics of her parents !! what should a friend do with her parents pics...

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I think a lot of people like to show the others in their life, like family, parents, friends, and baby pictures, because it's like showing off. I know you'd probably think showing off would only be pictures of HER, but every thing she is showing you, she thinks highly of, and by showing them to you, she will hope you think even more highly of her.

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hmm, i dont know, but it still could be very innocent. however if it happens too much or whatever, u can ask her why all the pics of your parents. but yeah, if this girl is'nt a weirdo, i think she just happened to wanna show you pics of her family for no reason.


well she is a weirdo.. anyways, i think i know what should i do now.. FORGET ALL MY CRAZY THOUGHTS .. thanks

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