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I know this probably won't be interesting to many of you, and i know it will sound like a lot of this is made up, because that's what i hear from a lot of people, but i'm going to tell you my life story.


I was born on September 27th 1989 in Mesa AZ until i was 5 then i moved to a small town of less than 1500 called e-town iowa where i went to school from preschool till the end of 7th grade.


In 4th-6th grade we went to a school way out in the middle of nowhere smaller than e-town called v-town but those are still the greatest days in the world to me during the fall and spring we'd play football, and during the winter it was the best DODGEBALL it each grade would play against it self so it was fair so much fun there and we were the second to last class to go to volga before some huge french family bought it.


During my 7th grade year i was 5'9 170 and i was bumped up to varsity for football i was so afraid but i came to love it we had a line of an average of less than 200 but meaner than anything you'll ever see a quarterback that would go on to play div. III football (coming from an A school i think enrollment was 300 at most) we didn't make playoffs, because 2 of them teams in our district were 2nd and 8th in the state i made all-state yes state as a 7th grader as a defensive end i was faster and stronger being only 170.


I was also heavily involved in basketball where we made a state run after going 6-11 during the regular season we made it to the substate game where one of the officials graduated from our school and was the all-time leading scorer of our conference and he screwed us out of it i don't like blaming officials on dictating the game but it was one of thsoe times i don't know why he did it but he did, we lost 86-83 in double overtime i didn't make all-state i didn't have enough playing time but i did make 1st team all conference. i played baseball but not high school, because we were still sponsored by the town and i think we won maybe 4 games that year but i had close to 20 home runs.


Before 8th grade started i was kicked out of my parents house,because i was the hated child and my dad said i wouldn't go any where with sports and i was trying to hard, i literally walked to prarie du chien wisconsin which is a half an hour DRIVE and caught a plan to cedar rapids where i eventually went out to LA cali met some really awesome people who were just like me getting kicked out, they showed me the ins and outs and i came to know they had an apartment with an extra room where we stayed until i picked up surfing, it's taken me since my 8th grade year to become an almost pro surfer but that's not the point, i've traveled all over the world: japan, australia, africa, europe, south america, east coast, west coast, down south, midwest, canada, mexico. some of it was for surfing and others was just a thank you for my friends letting me stay with him we got a bigger house now. i get into all the hot 21+ LA clubs, because of my "status" but i only do clubbing maybe twice a week i mostly go partying.


my freshman year of high school i enrolled at corona del mar in newport beach, i played football but this was a bigger school i was still a varsity player only i was 5'11 195 now still at d-end made the starting squad eventually all district, but after one of the practices in the locker room 3 seniors thought it'd be a good idea to TRY and end my season, now being from iowa we won't start anything but we always finish them and we're tougher than nails so the first guy was a 6'3 245 full back who i was definitely fast than so i would dance around him hittin him the face until he finally went down but at the same time one of the receivers was trying to get me but i tackled him straight into one of the lockers and the back of his head gashed right into one of the locker holder and the last guy ran off everybody was just gawking at me and than coach just happens to show up i didn't get suspended but i didn't start the next game, none of the players ever touched me again. that was the last time i've played organized sports at school.


this year i enrolled at newport harbor all the football players thought it was awesome for what i did at del mar but i didn't play football for harbor when we played del mar they held up a giant sign that said casper the sissy ghost and i lmao at them, because they still remembered after the game i walked by there bus and they all started flicking me off i climbed up the bus steps and they all shut up and i jumped at them and every one of them flinched, they've done this for basketball too.


As improbable as this sounds it's my life so if you don't believe it you don't have to but thanks for reading anyway


casper hurley of newport beach california

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