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Hey I am a 18 year old male. Last year I met this girl in highschool, and I was way to shy to talk to her. And she would always come up to me and say I am cute and she liked me, but I thought it was a joke, so this year my brothers through a party and she came and said the same stuff but said she was serious. So I got her telephone number and started to call her and we talked about different things and made plans to go on a date yesterday, but she called me in the morning and told me that her mom told her she had to go with her to visit relatives, so I asked her if it was because of me and she didnt want to hang, but she said she promised that it wasnt and we would hang this week, so I said ok and have a great time with your mom. Before she left with her mom she started talking to my brother on the internet, and told him that she was scared of hanging out with me to much because she doesnt want a BF and doesnt want to get attached to me and doesnt want me to get attached to her because she is going to the airforce in about 5-8 months, and she doesnt want anything holding her back, and doesnt want anyone to get hurt.

But what am I suppose to do around her now, I know that she is just trying to push me away because she is scared of getting attached. We are suppose to reschedule our date for monday or wed, but she never calls me, I always have to be the one to call her. So when should I call her and what should I say to reschedule? Any thoughts or opinions on my situation would be greatly appreciated.

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What a bad situation,isn't it?..................no,i think it is not...plz never ever hurt yourself anymore!!!!!!..cuz u r so young and can meet any other sweety girls in future...just think about it...but i know,u r in love and there is no way to explain your deepest feelings now...and also u still have a plan to last your friendship , i mean u r serious,right?...at least when u meet with her for the last time,but should be face to face(important),look at her eyes (direct contact) and say to her " i don't know maybe i m not the right person,or u scare of something,but believe me ,i love u...i mean i loved u...right now i got that we should split up , cuz the last thing i really dont wanna is hurting you because of me...take care....."

Why i am saying to these things to you ?...the same thing happened to me when i was in a high school...believe me!!..so i have decided to help you,if i can...but u know the truth,i don't...

tc...be happy...

and belated Merry Christmas!!!!

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i think that you should reschedule. but when you meet her just have a fun time. do not put any pressure on her. and do not act as if you want something serious from her. just have a laugh. take one day at a time. never talk about the future with her or anything like that which might scare her off. make it look like you do no want anything serious either.

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