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10 weeks fitness regime so that I will be slamming it hard!

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This is the first time I have logged into this forum for nearly a year. Now's a good time for me to post because it'll help me keep on track with my goal. There's a basketball competition coming up in late March so I have dedicated the next 10 weeks for getting into the best shape of my life and achieving my goal of being able to slam dunk a basketball.


I joined the gym today. My training will consist mainly of cardio and a lot of strength training of my legs. I need to increase power in my legs to enable me to increase my vertical leap, and cardio will help increase my metabolism. My current weight is 188lb and I'll be dropping that to what I weighed during my university days, around 145lb.


When I can successfully dunk I promise to post some photos on this forum.




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Are you male of female? and how tall are you?


The reason I ask is that 145lb seems a low weight for a physical sport such as basketball, especially if you are tall as well.


Would it be better to train 6 days a week alternating between cardio one day and weights the next day? Eat 6 smaller meals with a protein/carbs/fat split of around 40/40/20. I can't comment on how many calories you need because I don't know your sex or height.


Whatever you decide, goodluck, and keep us posted. There are many ways to achieve fat loss and gain fitness and probably if you ask 10 different people you will get 10 different answers.

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Good luck with it all. I can't wait for the photos!


Yeah, why exactly do you want to drop to 145lbs?... Was that a suitable weight for you when you were in college? It is quite light that's all, I'm guessing you aren't particularly tall?

Are you generally fit at the moment? What do you currently do to keep in shape?


All the best, stay focussed!

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Thanks for the encouraging words.

I'm quite short, only 5'8", thereforeeee 145lb is within a healthy weight range for me. I'm 27 years of age so I would like to have a real go at this goal now, otherwise if I leave it for a few more years it could be too late. When I was at school I could get my fingertips to the basketball rim, so it's a realistic goal for me to be able to dunk when I get in good shape and strengthen my legs with some weight training.

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