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i may turn lesbian soon!

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there should be a subject called (guys)


do yall really want to settle down and stay with the

same girl forever?


Theres so many cases where the guy cheats and it

is starting to really sicken me out.


My bestfriend was seeing this guy who seemed so right

for her, she had sex with him about 3 times. And she found

out from him that she is not number one, she is number 2.

Which means there is another girl who he bangs all of the time

and is more special to him than her....


Ok now im just begiining to think all of thee men on this

planet are all the same...They all just want to have sex

with as many different females/males...as possible


can someone give me some incouragement, i might turn

lesbian soon! haha...no Seriously!!

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First thing is, you are being very unfair to the good men out their who would never stoop this low. Don't let this "ONE" guy cloud your image of the good men out their who don't have to lie and cheat. Now i can't say I blame you for your feeling of pessimism or hopelessness when it comes to the opposite sex, but this is JUST ONE MAN. Some men would think he was a fool and a dog also. Some men are dogs some men are not. Just like some women are * * * * * * and some women are not. You have to learn how to weed them out and find the best one that suits you and I promise you they do exist. This guy sounds like a jerk, and its sad that she was intimate with him and he turned out to be a creep. But not all men are this heartless and cold.


If that were the case no one would ever get married or ever want to settle. I have met men who truly only want one woman..they don't cheat and they are not ugly men. These are good looking goodhearted men. Keep that in mind next time a loser hurts someone you care about.

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I agree with miracle. There are jerks in this world who only care about sex and the guy sounds like one. But you can't let people who are messed up like that ruin you on men in general. There are many good guys out there who aren't like that at all. I for one would never cheat on my girlfriend. And I am very rare in that I don't even plan to have sex until I am married. So in my mind, I'm not out for sex. I'm out for love and want to share that intimate experience with just one person in my life. I know my best friend is the same way.


It's ok to be upset. But I think its out of anger and frustration with all the stupid guys out there (and there are a lot, isn't there? ). But there are plenty of good guys who will love you and treat you right, who want nothing more then an honest and committed relationship with just one girl.

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Some men are jerks, some aren't.


Filter them out, take things slow, have expectations, just don't let yourself be put in a position where a jerk can get what he wants - this isn't easy to do... some guys are simply really manipulative and cannot be trusted, they'll come accross as good guys... I think you need to know a bit about them and their past.

But in my experience many girls make easily avoidable mistakes by not fully knowing the guy they are with or being too trusting... I've seen so many girls get cheated on by guys I knew, and it was never a surprise to me.

I think people should get to know each other well before taking things too far, it prevents them from getting hurt... but hey, each to their own.

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Don't let the handful of rotters color your views of all men. They aren't all like that. Of all the relationships* I've had, I've only wound up with one cheater.


*"All the relationships" would be defined as lasting a year or more in duration, with both parties saying we were a monogamous couple...so, that would be 5, including my marriage which didn't occur until just after my 38th birthday


Which leads into my next point...I also used to half-jokingly, half-seriously entertain the thought of switching teams. My theory was this: I was gonna give dating & having relationships with the opposite sex until I was 40. If it hadn't worked out by then, I'd figured I'd given it a good shot for a solid 20 years and it was time to try something else. Then I met my husband when I was 37.


Besides, all the bad stuff some men do in relationships, some women do, too. Learn how to recognize quality people (and those who aren't so great) before you get too deeply involved with them. Be cautious, and if something doesn't feel right, trust your gut.

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Dismemberk, I feel that you have a little bitterness coming from you and I think you should share your story with us so we can see who left a sour taste in your mouth. You never know it may make you feel better. And you are right, females are not innocent..some women are just as bad as the men. I agree with that, but I think you may be taking your frustrations out on the wrong person. Share your story and maybe we can shed light on it for you.

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As miracle said, some females are no better. I've seen some women do a lot of damage to guys. It all depends on the individual.


Dismember, not to signal you out, but I agree it sounds like you have some bitterness in you. Share your story, maybe it will help you to get it out. And no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed, I had an experience myself with a girl who left me hurting. Whatever your situation is, I'm sure we can help you.

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