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I'd get over her if she would let me

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Oh man, nothing gets my goose then a woman or man who uses children as leverage to hurt eachother. I can't stand it and I'd like to make it a law to slap those who do this, but so far, the President wont pass this Bill for me.


Moving on... If what you are saying is true, and this is her being nasty and using the kids against you, then I truly hope the judge rules in your favor to give you full custody. She is not fit to be a parent if she would put her childrens emotions secondary just to hurt and make a point with you.


Its so hard when you have children, because she knows that she can do little devilish things to hurt you and that is very sad. I feel for you and can't understand why men or women stoop this low and do this, knowing that the children are the ones who suffer the most.



Keep in mind that this is not a stable female, keep in mind that she does indeed play games so that you wont get stuck in this rut of becoming her victim again. You and her only have one thing in common now and that is these beautiful and INNOCENT children who deserve nothing but a healthy, happy and stable environment.


They didnt ask to come here, so you and her problems are not their problems and they should not have to deal with the brunt of her emotional issues.

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