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Need help <--first timer


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Hi there,To sum it all up...I finally found the girl i allways been looking for or so far it seems that way.But well i have some problems...im verry shy do i try to hide it as much as possible.My first problem is i only seem to talk relax to her via some kind of messege sistem...msn messenger,hotmail,ect....face to face i suk badly!other prob is i like her so much i think about her allmost all the time and i know she has feelings for me and all but i dont know what to do.I can go out with her no prob but sense im new at this...i dont know iven if to try kissing her couse i dont know or im 2 afraid to mess it up.... im worryd that i like this girl but if i cant show my feelings to her..it will never work out.I need advice =(

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Slow down... just worry about asking her out first or something like that.


Can you just ask her out?... something like (yes this isn't registered-original advice lol) "hey, I really think your a great person, I'd like to get to know you better, do you want to get coffee sometime?".

Do it on IM if you want.


Face the fears! Just do it! Don't give in to fear, be yourself. Don't worry...just do. It will go really well, just relax and be yourself - there is no pressure. Whatver happens is out of your control. You have nothing to lose... but you could miss out on what you have to gain if you don't simply ask her out.


Once you've done that the rest will be much easier.


If you are nervous it's ok, happens to everyone. Just take deep breaths, be confident and believe in yourself. She likes you and so you have a really good (certain?) chance.

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