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Long story short, he and I used to have a long distance relationship.

He want us to be friends for now and I agree with it as I could not guarantee I could go to his country.


Later he confessed to me that he went for a girl who he like and is closer in distance with him. They went out and it turn out good. He want someone to hold him. He wanted to change for this girl. He feel upset and scare that he said the wrong thing to this girl. He want a real hug.


My heart turn cold after I heard this. When I were with him, I did mentioned before that how he could improve himself, but he claimed that one should not change for another. Yet, with this girl, he is willing to change for her. Besides that, he seldom held my hand in public places.


Now I really know that he really like this girl. So I started to close my heart to him. Anyway, he come back a few days later. He claimed that he wanted her as a friend only. Actually, I do think that he wanted her more than friends, but the girl does not like him that way.


He claimed that he miss me and give me some virtual hug. I doubt that he really miss me.

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Maybe this is irrelevant, but I hope you explored the option of him moving to your country too... It would only be fair.


What did you feel when you were together?


Distance yourself from him. If he misses you in that time and wants to speak/hug you he'll let you know. Also it will give you time to think about if you really need him in your life.


Make sure you aren't some mere option to him... you should be his No. 1 option. With that said, him seeking out girls closer to him is something a guy who is trying hard to move on would try... if he couldn't have feelings for them because of how he still felt about you then that is a positive.


From your last threads this guy doesn't really seem like he wants to work hard to make a ldr work... if you were the one he wanted to be with he would try and make it work.

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I am a guy and I know what he's thinking.


If he didn't hold your hand in public places, didn't want to do long distance, went for a closer girl, and now just wants to be friends with her, it's because he couldn't get her and wants to get you back.


Should you go back with him? You decide, but I'd say no. He doesn't like you as much as he likes other girls, not because they're any better, but because they're something new. I used to be this way, not doing the public displays of affection with my girlfriends, wanting other girls, not being very fair to them...but I'm over that life now, and that wasn't a good guy, and neither is he.


Good luck. Hope you find someone who cares for you as much as you do him.

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