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I had a dream last night that I was at my friends house, it's actually my ex-girlfriends best friend that I've been good friends with even though my ex- and I broke up. In the dream, I don't recognize the location but my ex- pulled up and I ditched out the back door to avoid her. My ex-girlfriend came up to me and told me her mom wanted me to stay for dinner. In the dream, I stayed and actually had a nice conversation with my ex-, catching up on things and we acted like we were just friends.


Now in real life, we haven't spoken in 1 year and when we did it wasn't good. I got a long great with her parents and think they are the nicest. I don't know what sparked this since I am over my ex-. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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Sirhcorg, Anything could have sparked this dream... Did something remind you of the Ex that day?


I found your dream interesting... particularly the part where you bail out the back door. My guess is that even though you're "over" your Ex, a part of you wishes you could still be friends. The fact that you agreed to come over (despite your desire to avoid your Ex) at her Mother's invitation shows that you still feel a strong affection for her family. As to whether this dream is wishful thinking or not, is up to you and her... Good luck!

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I'll agree with the others. Even if you are over the ex in terms of wanting a relationship, I think part of you still wants to be friends with her. You tried to ditch her, showing the part of you that is afraid of making contact and what could happen. But you stayed and had a good time, showing the part of you that really does want to be friends. That part won out in the dream. It's up to you to make the dream a reality.

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