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If the partner you're with has nothing to hide, they will gladly get tested with you. If they shy away from this, I could bet you cockroach to a corner that they probably have something they don't want you to know about. I'd rather ask someone and offend them, then to contract something from them just because I was afraid to stand up for my health. Not only should you suggest a test but if they are clean, they'll go for it. Better safe than sorry! I know a woman who contracted Herpes from her no good dog of a boyfriend and he was her first. She never had unprotected sex or sex with anyone but him. She found out he cheated on her and had been hiding this from her the whole time. He got treated but infected her because its not curable. Sadly she lives with this to this day and she was a good person, so kind she was afraid to ask him to get tested. I 'm sure if she could she would have done things differently but its too late now...Don't forget AIDS is not the only STD out there. In fact you can't look at someone and say "oh yeah he's got something or she looks like an HIV girl to me". People are very good at hiding things they wish to hide. So cover yourself and worry about their feelings later, when the test results come back in. Your life is not worth risking. So you stand up for yourself and be strong. Ask and ask away.

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Anyone know where to find free good pictures for red aids ribbon? My school is making an awareness t-shirt and I need to find a really good graphic ribbon for the design. (Red for AIDS) Hopefully its free and no one will sue or anything.


Was it really necessary to bump a three year old thread for this?


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Dont Take The Chance


I really wish people would read post dates on items before responding. It shows up on people's control panels and brings them back when they think there's a response to a topic, when really it's the bump of a long dead post.

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