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Yeah, I just meant in general. Its just that maybe she would take offense to it since she might think that she isnt attractive enough so I need to masturbate or something. I mean I cant see her all of the time and sometimes I just feel the urge, you know?

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Well I thinkits a great idea, not only do you enjoy yourself. You also satiating your sexual desires that may or may not be carried out where there notwanting (notsaying you would cheat or anything. But its just a healthy thing to do (don't tell her though, cos thats kind of weirdand something I would do (you don't want to be like me) ).

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I think that everyone has the right to masturbate if they want to. If someone can't except this natural part of life, something may be a little off with them. I am married and I know for a fact that my husband still does it and so do I. Sometimes I catch him and just make a huge joke of it. Its his body and his hand and if he pleases he can go at it. NOt a big deal to me! He also knows that I do it and when he has caught me we just bust out laughing. Actually it turns him on. This is a natural part of life, don't feel guilty about it. Most people do it and those who claim they don't are probably ashamed to admit it.

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