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To whom it may concern:


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hey everyone, this is just a quick poem I thought I'd share...I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some feed back on my poem and maybe add some constructive critisism...Thanx in advance






Pardon my cries,

I've laid them to die

buried with your shot of grins

nothing left to hide,

come to smoke these lies

consumed to heavens size

the ego of your crystal eyes

to what I have despised

No longer a compromise

all for me to hope

so hard for me to cope

To whom I pay the praise

to say its just a phase?

My head is in a daze

I'm walking through this maze

I feel you cup my hips as I stare deep down at your lips...

Only to bear regrets to sips...

Awakened now by my bitter tasting lips...

To whom it may concern

Too late for me to learn...

Life's glass is risky...sitting, sipping the last of my whisky...

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