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Am I falling for this guy too fast? Advice please

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Hi everyone!


Ok, I'll try to make this as short as possible. I'm from Europe but I live in the States now. I went back to Europe a few weeks ago and I'm going back to the US next week. 3 weeks before I left I met a guy online. He is in his late 20s like me, seems very mature and has his life in order. He emailed me and did the pursuing. Our first date was at a coffee shop to get to know each other and then he asked me out on a dinner date for the following week. It was the best date I've ever had. He's sweet, charming, funny and seems sincere. There was a great attraction between us and after hanging out till very late at night I invited him in and in the heat of the moment we slept together (I played a very active role in getting there). I felt bad the next day and thought I had ruined everything but he sent me an email from work that it was the "best date ever". The next 2 weeks we continued to hang out (the physical stuff got reduced a little) and had a great time together. He introduced me to some of his friends and cancelled a weekend trip and another meeting to have time to see me. The day I left he came over to my place to say goodbye and he told me that he's going to miss me. Since he had said it first, I said that I'm going to miss him too.


During those last 4 weeks we emailed each other a lot and I feel that we have gotten even closer on a mental level now. He gives me sweet pet names often and he seems interested in what I'm doing here. He also says a lot that he can't wait to see me again. Last week he asked me if he could call me and what a good time would be. After a few days of trying (he said there were some problems cause it was international) we finally talked a couple of days ago. It was a little awkward at first since we hadn't talked in a while but it got better very quickly and we had a very nice talk. He's already making plans for when I come back and talks about what we're going to do.


He also told me a while ago that he isn't dating anyone and when I told him about a guy who is hitting on me here in Europe he told me that he really likes me and that he doesn't want me to go out with someone else but that he knows that he has no right to ask me not to (so he thinks we aren't exclusive yet). He said we should figure it out when I get back. Oh, and he also cancelled his online dating subscription shortly after I left.


My problem is that I really like him and that I'm afraid of getting hurt. Usually I'm a pretty laid-back girl but recently I've gotten very paranoid. Well, he hasn't replied to my email from 3 days ago and I imagine him already dating someone else. This has happened before once or twice that he didn't email for a few days and after that he said that he was busy with his job (it's true, he does have a busy and demanding job that he's very serious about). And then there were times where he emailed me back within minutes and a few times a day, a few days in a row. So from the past weeks I should know that I should just chill, however, I'm going crazy.


What is your impression? Am I falling for this guy too fast? Is he too good to be true? Does he sound like a sweet-talker to you? Am I just paranoid and irrational? I can't wait to see him again in a few days and all I want is to see him and kiss him and... but should I play it cool instead?



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I think you should pay attention to the warning signs like him not emailing you back. Is he in the States oe Europe?

I think its moving fast. I would be careful. he may be a sweet talking womanizer. Maybe he doesn't email right away but in the beginning did he ever do that when he was pursuing you?

Probably not, be careful.

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well, maybe he's been goine for business or something and havent had too much time/access to his emails OR he could be a player who knows all the moves..i guess the time you spent with him would'nt have been enough to form a judgement..from some of his talks it looks like he's taken by you but that doesnt explain his absense for the past 3 days..so I suggest to find out how hot he feels for you..you play it cool and dont try to contact him for atleast the next week or 10 days..if he really wants you, then you should hear from him within this time otherwise it might be wise to distance yourself..hope this helps

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